So I've been handling the affairs of my parents while they're gone in Australia. I've been given power of attorney by my mom so I can legally sign anything for her. I've signed papers for another house which they intend to rent out. I've also been visiting the Victorville house quite frequently, so much that it's taken a huge chunk out of my money. I filled up the car four times last week, resulting in $80 of money spent just on fuel. If there were furnishings and internet service I wouldn't mind staying there, but as it is now, there's not much accommodations for me.

Aside from that, it's been great being able to spend time with Eun during the weekends. I personally made the decision not to go to the Victorville house on weekends unless I absolutely have to, so we've had some great time to ourselves. Unfortunately over the holiday weekend, I was attacked by a group of Korean guys who resented the fact that Eun was with a guy who wasn't Korean. I got a black eye out of it, but other than that I'm fine. The group was arrested by an officer who saw the whole thing. Luckily it was at a church carnival and there was a lot of police present. The arresting officer is actually someone I know, so it was as easy an experience as you can have I suppose.

I'm also considering opening up my own music blog. I've had the idea for quite a while and I'm playing with ideas on what I'd specifically write about in my head. I don't really want to be confined into one genre, because music is so widespread and reaching. Just one genre can't really begin to define what music can do for someone. We'll see where my mind takes me on this.
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