Well, to those who haven't heard yet, I'm single again. I won't get too much into detail, but basically a cousin of Eun's who didn't like me because I'm Filipino hatched a plan that basically set me up as cheating on Eun, which I wasn't. And when I went to talk to Eun in person, I had to confront the cousin as well, since she was there. What it came down to was the cousin somewhat giving an ultimatum that Eun would have to choose between me and putting family at odds. I told her to choose the family, because blood is thicker and deeper. I don't even know if she wants to talk to me. But I've been sitting in my room since 7 this evening just listening to piano songs.

This is really hard for me, because it wasn't anything I did, but because of who I am. Why should it matter so much where someone is from if someone you know has feelings for them? It's just so stupid...


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