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Epik Concert, intergalactic Sunday

So last night I went to the Sunset Strip to attend the Epik High Map The Soul tour at House of Blues. I went with my friend Paul, who also went with me to watch Glay last August. We went early compared to the Glay concert, and still found a huge line to get in, we found out later that night during the concert from the MC that the line started at noon, and we got there around 6:30 thinking we would be early.

We stood in line just talking to keep ourselves entertained while waiting, although I was somewhat amused to notice that he was probably one out of five people in line who weren't Asian. He wasn't exactly mad at this fact, and we just laughed about it.

I was expecting the same rules as the Glay concert, so I didn't bring my camera, which was a huge mistake. I'm just going to bring it everywhere now and if I can't bring it in, I'll put it in my car...I don't want to miss out on something again.

The show started with two opening acts, one was Far East Movement, the other was Kero One. I had heard of both of these acts but had not listened to any of their music. After hearing both, I'll definitely give them a try because their rap style and lyrics are more in tune with Epik High and what I appreciate in their music. It's not about money, or sex; but emotion, and people. It's about music, and spreading that love of music.

Epik High was awesome. I really appreciate that they wanted to come out here because they knew how many fans they have here. I also appreciate what they are doing now that they are independent from a major record company. They really are on a mission to prove that they can do things on their own without having to be slaves to the industry. You can tell when they perform that they really love their fans, especially when I saw Tablo push one of the MapTheSoul.com cameramen away so he could rap into a fan's camera at the concert.

I can't remember the entire setlist, but the group included songs from the new album, and songs from their previous albums, which surprised me because of their split with Woolim Entertainment. I can honestly say I had more fun at this concert compared to the Glay concert.

I already was a big fan of Epik High, but seeing MYK perform some solo stuff, I admire him so much more. He can play the guitar, rap, and sing. His performance was an eye opener for me.

I hope that Epik High can come back again. I would go again.

I slept over at Paul's house because I knew we'd be out past midnight and I didn't really want to drive home, after waking up late we went to have lunch with Catrina and Travis before watching Star Trek. I loved it. I was a fan of the original series when I was younger, but not what people consider a Trekkie, so this reboot really hit the spot for me. I really enjoyed it.
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^_^ Glad you had so much fun!